The Connecting Place

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Church Office Hours

For more information church office hours are

9 am to 12 pm Monday-Friday.


Our faith community welcomes you, and your family.

Join us every Sunday to worship, pray and learn.

Study Groups

Bible Study  Sunday Evening  6:00pm
Bible Study  Thursday Morning 10:30am
Men's Bible Study Saturday Morning  9:00am

Encountering Christ - Equipping the Church - Evangelizing the Lost.

Let Pastor Jeff help grow your faith.

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a faithful Shepherd. Our congregation is led by Pastor Jeff. Come witness one of his amazing, energetic sermons this Sunday.

Sunday Services

Sunday School 9:30 am

Worship Service 10:30 am

Youth ministry

KFC - Kidz for Christ. A Wednesday night church activity for Kids ages 4-12.

Summer session starting

Wednesday June 1 6:00-8:00 PM